handshifted and
automatic gearboxes

Diagnostic, overhaul and modification off handshifted, hybrid and automatic gearboxes for cars and light trucks


A Good working transmission, automatic or manual, comes with a right diagnostic. because of a right diagnostic whe can give you a good advice and an accurate quote.


If you have a defective transmission, we can professionally repair it for you so that it meets the factory requirements again. Our company has had experience with this since the 1960s.


We are specialized in modifying transmissions. This means that we can make certain parts of your transmission better than the factory produced them.


De Boer Transmissies B.V.

De Boer Transmissies is a progressive company. Specializing in diagnosis, remanufacturing and modifications of manual transmissions and automatic transmissions for passenger cars and light trucks.

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De Boer Transmissies originated from ATS (Automatic Transmission Service) which was build up by Hans de Boer sr. in 1959. The company was established in Amsterdam and was sold in 1986 to ATT (Automatic Transmission Techniek).

The de Boer family started a new company in Wapserveen: de Boer Transmissies. The intention was to stay a small company, but soon the company grew into one of the most progressive companies in Holland.

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